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ShiftRx pharmacy transformation created $300 million in new revenue and $95 million in additional net profit!

Pharmacy Transformation

We are innovators in the business of pharmacy, helping our clients optimize patient outcomes while improving financial performance. Our multi-disciplinary team of experts implement best practices throughout the health system, and uncover new opportunities to generate revenue and improve patient care.

​We know the payer reimbursement environment very well and how to navigate its nuances.  Health systems historically have underutilized and underdeveloped their pharmacy strategy.  There is much more to pharmacy than being a cost center for inpatient care.  Clinic and retail pharmacies were not typically developed as a profit center within the integrated delivery network.  The shift in reimbursement, drug costs, and many other factors are forcing health systems to re-evaluate their current ambulatory outpatient prescription programs.  ShiftRx is changing the game, aligning and transforming the ambulatory pharmacy market while empowering healthcare providers.  With our support, health systems are now participating at a national level and taking back control of their pharmacy benefits, specialty pharmacy profits, and cash flow that is being diverted to large corporate entities.  All of this is occurring while patient care and satisfaction is on the rise.  Re-admissions are down and outcomes are improved.  Pharmacy transformation is simply allowing the hospital and patient to take back control of lost opportunity and provide better care.

Hospitals everywhere are discovering an overlooked and often underutilized revenue and service source in ambulatory retail and outpatient pharmacy services. ShiftRx is providing necessary capital, staffing, management, marketing, community retail/specialty contract pharmacy optimization and patient related services to drive performance. 

IV Solutions Pharmacy specializes in home Infusion treatments, respiratory inhalation therapies, and specialty medications. IV Solutions meets the needs of people affected by complex and chronic conditions, including cystic fibrosis, bronchiectasis, immune deficiency, hemophilia, and other conditions requiring home infusion, inhalation, or specialty medications. 

We go beyond just dispensing products. We provide customized programs and specialty services that improve patient outcomes using patient education, counseling, patient follow-up and care coordination, and clinical oversight.  We build world-class clinical teams by disease state to ensure proper dosing, adherence and outcomes.

ShiftRx’s concierge pharmacy services allow for personalized and proactive medication adherence outreach efforts which improve your brand and help drive positive behaviorial change that amplify health outcomes, cost savings and patient satisfaction.

ShiftRx works with your existing Pharmacy Benefit Administrator or help you establish a fully transparent model that drives value in applied discounts, rebates, drug spread, clinical formulary management, and network pharmacy participation. 

Shift has created technology based solutions to ensure a successful partnership. We have created best-in-class proprietary processes to drive sustainable performance for the ambulatory business. Every aspect of the pharmacy business is optimized including patient satisfaction, business performance and medical outcomes.

“Everyone’s buzzword appears to be “Specialty” Pharmacy. We needed a strategic partnership to help us get to the next steps with our mixture of hospitals with 340b, contract pharmacies, and unique clinical needs. ShiftRx provided a Best-In-Class approach for our organization and helped us navigate a hybrid approach.”  
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